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TaylorMade "Fargiveness"

TaylorMade wanted to update the end card of this spot to look like one of Apple's CGI iPhone commercials, of course, with only a fraction of Apple's budget. Luckily, I have been working on 3D rendering and animations myself, which is part of why I was hired to post-produce this spot.

We only had two 3D artists working on this spot, one of whom had done work with Apple before, so that gave us a leg up. Another vital tool to getting this spot off the ground was my experience in 3D modeling and rendering. I knew that a lot of time would be taken up by rendering the shots and, having worked with TaylorMade before, I knew they would want changes last minute. My suggestion to budget for and use a render farm saved countless hours of sitting around for our artists as they waited for shots to render. Instead, they could work on other shots while things were rendered in the cloud.

We delivered on time and within budget to a very happy client!

Ruggable Times Square Ad

During the 2022-2023 holiday season, while I was with Ruggable, we had the opportunity to get billboard space in Times Square.  This was a very quick turnaround since the booked usage was within two days of the post team being notified to prepare content for the billboard.

As post-producer, I worked with our head of content to identify what asset would work best for the billboard. I then worked with the Clear Channel team to get the specs to run a video in Times Square, including the correct aspect ratio, content-safe zones, and codecs. 

I then worked with our editor to locate the raw files for the asset we chose, so that it could be reformatted to fit within the aspect ratio for the billboard and make sure all text stayed within the safe zones so it would be seen on the billboard. Once the final export was approved by leadership, I ensured the asset was in the correct format and codec and the ad ran the next day.

DJI - "Ready, Set, Go"

"Ready, Set, Go" was one of the main campaign videos for DJI's Mavic Air launch. The goal of the video was to highlight the new features of the drone, as identified by DJI's product team and engineers, in a way that would market to young hobbyist users and content creators. 

In order to satisfy the target audience, the director and I decided we would need to cast social media influencers. We pitched the idea of having two influencers going head to head in a competition on how they could best utilize the features of the drone to capture and create eye-catching content in an exotic location- the Dominican Republic!

Once the influencers were selected, it fell to me to make sure we could balance the brand identities of each influencer as well as the DJI brand. I worked directly with the influencers and their agents to identify what they would be comfortable doing on camera and pitch ideas to them on how we could incorporate their likes into the overall campaign. For example, Sam Kolder is known for his videos of cliff jumping, so that was incorporated as a way to show off the drone and its features.

I worked with a local fixer in the DR, with whose help I was able to identify the perfect locations to carry out all the stunts/features for the video.

This became the most popular video of the campaign (and one of my personal favorites I have worked on).

AI Spec Commercial

AI might be a hot-button topic when it comes to content creation, but I really feel we need to get ahead of it to figure out how we can utilize it as a tool to help with production and prevent it from replacing any aspect of production.

I have been working with many different AI tools including photo and video generation. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could make a spec commercial using only AI tools to create the visuals. By combining images I created and refined using Midjourney, as well as text and image-to-video tools such as Runway and Pika Labs, I created a spec ad in a paper craft/origami style. 

All in all, this took me around 4 or 5 total hours of work.

I have many other examples of content I have created using AI, which can be seen on my Instagram page: @christophtallerico

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